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Why Slick Collar?

You get into your favourite dress shirt, put on a jacket, and head out. You’re out there having a good time but you keep fiddling around with your shirt collar. You sit down for a drink and you realize your shirt collar’s all messed up again. We’ve all suffered from the droopy sloppy shirt collar one way or another. It’s time to say goodbye to the collar spread and this is how the Slick Collar can help.

Sloppy Shirt Collar

Try it and see the difference for yourself

Slick Collar is the world’s first adjustable shirt collar support device for men and women. Always adjustable to fit your neck size and the type and style of shirt collar you have. And the best part, no need for sewing or expensive alterations. Simply wear it with any of your favourite shirts and get the perfect shirt collar look!

Here`s what our customers have to say

slick collar

Everyone needs one in their wardrobe collection

slick collar

Pretty much wearing it every time I wear collar shirts

slick collar

It fits in any collared shirt/polo and you can’t even feel it

Kian M.
slick collar

I wish I had found it sooner

slick collar

Perfect! Now I can wear my “hate the collar” pile shirts!

slick collar

Should have bought this years ago

Andy T.
slick collar

Just what I needed

slick collar

Bought more after getting this first one

Amazon Customer